11MM (7/16″) PROTAC™

ProTac features a 32-strand polyester sheath braided over our high-performance double-twist nylon core. This rope will retain its cross-section well without lumpiness or a sacrifice in flexibility. The design incorporates a 50/50 ratio of sheath to core providing a beefy sheath for long wear. Buy American Act [BAA] qualified.

Rope classifications:
NFPA 2500(1983) Life Safety Rope – Technical Use
EN 1891 Low Stretch Kernmantle Rope – Type A
UIAA 107 Low Stretch Ropes

Diameter:    10.8mm
Grams Per Meter:    80.37
Tensile Strength:    (7,913 lbf) 35.2 kN
Weight Per 100 Feet:    5.44 lbs
Sheath Mass:    51%

 Inquiry - 11MM (7/16″) PROTAC™

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