Rigging plater with 4 holes, 20mm diameter, designed to organize a tidy workplace and to create an easy system of multiple anchor points.
The upper hole allows to fit two carabiners at the same time.
Made of light aluminum alloy, very light, compact, and durable.
New 10 mm thick version with beveled holes that allow textile items (rope, lanyards, straps) to be directly inserted without the need for connectors.
Suitable for simultaneous use by 4 users.
Complies with the relevant parts of EN 354, EN 795, and CEN TS 16415 standards.
High-quality product, made in Italy!

Lifetime and Inspections

Usage Activities
Mountaineering, Canyoning, Caving, Roof & Inclined Planes, Rope Access, Cableway Evacuation, Firebrigades & Civil Protection, Mountain Rescue.

Item Standards Material Size Colour Hole diameter (mm) Notes
864O17400KK 864O17400KK EAC
UIAA 130 V1
Alu alloy 154 36 / Orange 125.5 20

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