Foot ascender that improves and completes the performance of the Futura Hand ascender and the Futura Body chest rope clamp.
Available in right and left versions, equipped with an anti-torsion stirrup.
Fitted with a hole for inserting a carabiner that locks the cam, preventing accidental release of the rope.

Futura System: it's the natural marriage between three devices, the best support to ascend a rope with the ''ROPE WALKING SYSTEM'' (as if climbing a ladder).
After testing the system, cavers confirm an excellent performance and a 30%-efficiency increase during the ascent.
High-quality product, made in Italy!

Lifetime and Inspections

Usage Activities
Climbing, Mountaineering, Caving, Rope Access, SailBoats, Firebrigades & Civil Protection, Mountain Rescue, Tactical.

Item Standards Material Colour Main dimension (mm) Minimum rope diameter (mm) Maximum rope diameter (mm) Version
87609N04SKK 87609N04SKK / Alu alloy 130 Black 78 8 13 Left
87609O04DKK 87609O04DKK / Alu alloy 130 Orange 78 8 13 Right

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