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Light, comfortable, and well-ventilated helmet, recommended for mountaineering, and rock climbing, via Ferrata and adventure parks.
Ultra-durable ABS shell, polyester strap with buckle, and quick size adjustment via the wheel regulation system.
Equipped with marked holes for attaching headphones and visors. Available in the WORK version certified to CE EN 397.
Universal size (52-64 cm).
Available in various colors (blue, white, red, black, and high visibility), and with a special rubberized black “Soft Touch” finish.
HV (high visibility) version in fluro yellow color with reflective stickers.

Lifetime and Inspections
2+10 YEARS

Usage Activities
Climbing, Ferrata, Mountaineering, Canyoning, Caving, Adventure Parks, Snow & Ice.

Item Standards Material Colour Size Circumference (cm) Notes
99716AA02KK 99716AA02KK EN 12492 ABS Blue 375 UNI 52-64  
99716AN02KK 99716AN02KK EN 12492 ABS Black 375 UNI 52-64  
99716AR02KK 99716AR02KK EN 12492 ABS Red 375 UNI 52-64  
99716AW02KK 99716AW02KK EN 12492 ABS White 375 UNI 52-64  
99716FY02KK 99716FY02KK EN 12492 ABS Yellow Fluo Reflective 375 UNI 52-64  
99716GN02KK 99716GN02KK EN 12492 ABS Matte Black 380 UNI 52-64

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